The Havens Are Booking Up

I believe our Havens and the bookings are directly related to the amount of time the sun comes out in Manitoba!  The emails don’t come in and the phones won’t ring, but give us some sunshine and warmth and I can’t seem to keep up.  Many people are considering staying at the Havens and we are definitely starting to turn some away.  We are family oriented cottage rentals and are working very hard at booking groups that understand about letting people have a peaceful relaxing time.

Our docks are in; our pontoon boat is being cleaned up and getting ready to go; the grass is green; and the water is warm.

Just yesterday we had reports of many fish being caught!  Things are geared towards a wonderful summer.

We have had 22 bookings in May and June alone among the four cottages – this has kept our amazing cleaning crew , Judi and Ernie, and maintenance guy Hans on task pretty solid for sure!!!  I say it’s a good test run for a great summer!!

Be sure to get your bookings in before you miss out!  Love to have ya!

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