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Sunrise Netley July 13 2012

Sunrise Netley July 13 2012

Peaceful Haven is a family cottage – but the family has gotten so busy we haven’t been able to use it as much as we would like. We are grateful for all that wish to rent from us – as they keep life in our “Peace of Heaven” and keep smiles on our face as we know others are enjoying it as much as we do.

Netley Creek has been a secret little mecca hidden just a mere 30 minutes North of Winnipeg’s Perimeter Highway.  Netley offers an array of water sports; hiking; fishing; ice fishing; snowmobiling; cross-country skiing; and hunting. With the Netley Marsh just 15 minutes by boat you will find one of the best duck hunting areas around.

The Red River is just 20 minutes by boat to an area we call “End of Main” where Netley and the Red meet. Many a fisherman have caught their “catch” here or within the quiet marsh en route, as well as many a duck hunter.  If you desire a larger body of water you can follow the Red to Lake Winnipeg where many sail boats, large boats, and secret beaches can be found.

We are working hard to provide you with a peaceful get away and hope you and your family consider visiting our Peaceful Haven.  Bookings can be made with a minimum of  a two-day stay with only full weeks booked in July and August.

Should you choose to rent our cottage we hope you enjoy your time and to this end – we wish you happy surfing on our site and hope to hear from you in the near future!


Kayaking Aug 2018 with Kelsey and Ellie the Boston


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