BadaBing – Heeeere we GO!

Bookings are all in and we are in for a super hot fun summer!! Thank you to all our beauty renters – can’t wait to meet you or see you again! Have a Peaceful Haven Out of this world kind of VACAY!!

Spring Thaw – Where Are YOU?

Last year at this time we had lots and lots and lots of water creeping up from Netley – and this year we had a long walk on the Creek. As lovely as it is – let’s get a move on – if we can’t fish, ski, or sled  – let’s seem some beauty in the flowers, trees and grass – – that’s what I say any way…

This picture (of my crazy friends last year) shows the difference from April 1, 2017 to April 1, 2018.




WHY NOT – it’s a gorgeous fall.  Have you thought of entertaining the family at the cottage.  Ahhhhhhh – leaves, water views, fires, roasting marshmallows, games, family time – yea – WHY NOT?

Gorgeous June Day at the Havens

Have you booked your holiday yet?  It’s a gorgeous day to be on the water, soaking up the sun, enjoying the beach, tossing in a line.  We still have some openings in July – make sure you are booked!

How Very Lucky We Are

With so much death, destruction, and unrest in the world I have to admit how wonderfully lucky we are to be able to spend some restful time at Peaceful Haven.  The creek is very still, the birds are singing, a robin has nested in one of my hanging flower pots and is warming her four eggs right now, and the bonfire is cracking.  I must take this time to be grateful for the wonderful people and things I have around me.

Too often we wish for more…different…better; when with a brief pause to reflect on our “today” and the “now” may just be all that is needed to slap us back to reality and make us stop wishing and start saying Holy Moly – I have all I need right here and now.  The future is important; the future will come and will be – but today is here and what you make of it is up to you.  Make it a positive choice.  Today is a good day -that is my decision!

Decide to ENJOY yours!

What a MARCH in Winterpeg

The world is granting us the warmest winter I can EVER remember.  We pulled the ice shack off on the 11th with a lot of slush to run through.  Eaves are running, items that are buried under the snow are showing, people are getting a spring in their step and bookings are coming it.  We have had great people staying at the cottage off and on all winter and now the summer bookings are filling.  Haven’s 17, 18 and 20 are scheduled to open June 1st and Peaceful Haven is in full swing.  Enjoy your day all!!!

Summer During Winter – in Winterpeg

We are experiencing the finest balmy weather you could EVER imagine – January 5th 2012 and it’s 6 degrees Celsius here!!!  The Creek is slowly getting slushy and we hoping everyone will pay attention to the thin ice warnings and be cautious.  We love love love this break in our normal frigid cold weather but do feel for those wishing for ice roads, seed cover, ski trails and more snow.


HELLO 2012

New Year's Eve 2011

Netley Creek New Year's Eve 2011

What an awesome 2011.  We have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some fantastic people; all our family is healthy; we have our jobs; our roof over our head and I see nothing but good things ahead.

Last year was a year of planning; preparing; adjusting; deciding; exploring and setting the stage for a year of doing; acting; re-adjusting; moving forward; putting the exploration into action and BELIEVING.  That might sound like a whole lot of hoopla to you – but to me and my closest it means YAHOO!

All the cottages have worked out their kinks and will have some new changes.  We hope to bring sunshine to all that cross our paths and our goal is to make your vacation as wonderful and memory filled as possible.

Attached is a picture of our New Years Eve at Peaceful Haven – blessed with wonderful weather we got to ride on the creek in our Argo; slide on the ice rink that our neighbors built and explore some new ice shacks on the creek this year.  It is amazing to me how we can have such mild weather yet have the creek solid enough to have trucks skating up and down it as if it is the highway!

Happy 2012 all and we hope to be sharing a lot of wonderful experiences with you!

Art and Sharon


Prize Display November 2011We would like to congratulate Alana on winning one of the grand prizes at Martial (Art’s son) and Erin’s wedding social!

A full week vacation at Peaceful Haven !

Thank you to all that purchased tickets and to all that spent an awesome night to help out the young couple soon to be married.

It was a fun fun time and we are so excited for Alana and friends to enjoy a week at the cottage in the near future!!


Prize Display November 2011

Make This Your Holiday Get Away

Waiting for my sister to visit!We are excited to share all of the information on our cottages with all previous renters, future renters and visitors to our site.  WE have had a successful year in 2011 with a few rentals still to come for those that like the winter beauty.

Thank you to all for taking such good care of Peaceful Haven and Haven’s 17 -20.  We have enjoyed sharing our special little spots with you and look forward to you enjoying more time as we do.

Sharon and Art

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