Peaceful Haven Renewal EDF May 2015

The time has come to refresh, renew, and revitalize our dear Peaceful Haven.  We will be shut down for rentals and our own personal use from November 15 – to July 29, 2015 – at least. Think positive I say!

We demolished (such a harsh word) our dear sweet little cottage on November 14th to make way for a “bit” larger Haven with new EVERYTHING for the structure.  We now have an actual concrete foundation, a deep deep deep well with clear fresh beautiful water, and will have an actual water softener – so very excited for that I am.  No more scrubbing iron out and having squeaky stiff hair!!!  The gas furnace and central air are installed, the bedrooms upon bedrooms are painted, the porch is a delight, and the open kitchen with dining space and living area have windows, windows, windows – that are triple pane!!! Woot Woot.

In an effort for some sustainability = our interior is to be as much recycled and reused as we possibly can and we hope to tie in some solar.  If anyone is selling interior items AT ALL please send us an email – we just might be able to incorporate them.  We do have a lot to work with already and will be renewing what we can, using our old siding for decor, our old windows for an eventual sunroom  – it’s going to be a fun fun fun project.

Read our Twitter feed on the side bar for regular updates!

Click on a picture to have a slideshow or scroll through them here.  Enjoy the progress- we sure are!

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  1. pat
    Apr 20, 2015 @ 16:00:59

    just beautiful!!


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